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Do You Have to be a Certain Age to Have Dentures?

Dentures may conjure up images of elderly people in search of tooth replacement options. Are these tooth replacements only available to a certain age group? Who is an appropriate candidate for this treatment? Our Burnaby dentists explain.

For whatever reason, many individuals of every age are missing at least some or all of their natural teeth. If this is true for you, replacing your missing teeth with full or partial dentures may be the best option. You may be pleased to know that no age restriction exists when it comes to identifying whether you'd be a good candidate for dentures. In this post, we'll explore some of the reasons patients get dentures at an early age and what you can expect. 

Why would I need dentures at an early age? 

Dentures, for whatever reason, have grown in popularity as tooth replacement options in recent decades. Some people have lost teeth due to medical conditions, while others have poor oral health as a result of a poor diet or excessive consumption of sugary beverages.

Depending on their circumstances, requirements and individual assessment from their dentist, some patients will opt for dentures over dental implants, which can be more expensive. 

Are there any risks for dentures that I should beware of?

Dentures pose the same risks to patients in their 30s, 40s, and younger as they do to those in their 70s and older. Your dentist may prescribe medication if you have diseased or decayed teeth. Antibiotics may be prescribed in this case to control bacteria in your teeth and gums that could otherwise enter your bloodstream.

What should I know about getting dentures at an early age?

Dentures, regardless of age, are a major procedure because tooth extraction is almost always required. As the supporting bone structure deteriorates, the appearance of your face changes over time, eventually resulting in a "caved-in" appearance. This change can still occur while you are a child and you are losing your teeth. Dentures will allow you to maintain healthy skin and avoid the sallow appearance caused by the absence of teeth behind your cheek skin. Furthermore, smooth, well-supported skin on the cheeks can make you look younger for a longer period.

Regardless of your age, upper dentures should be easier to adjust to than lower dentures.

Dentures can help you improve your oral health regardless of your age when you get them. Dentures can help you achieve a more youthful appearance, a more attractive smile, and improved speech. It might also be easier to eat.

Would you like to learn more about dentures and whether you would be a good candidate? Contact your dentist at North Burnaby Dental Group today. We can book a consultation to provide advice. 

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