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Dental Sedation

The dentists at North Burnaby Dental Group offer oral conscious sedation and IV sedation to help anxious or fearful patients in need of treatment. 

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Dental Sedation... Is It Right For You?

Do you experience feelings of fear about visiting the dentist? You're not alone. Even patients who see their dentist regularly may still feel anxious about coming in for an appointment. But there is no need to miss out on treatment you need and deserve to ensure your mouth stays healthy. Dental sedation can help with:

  • High anxiety about dental treatments
  • Exaggerated gag reflex
  • Fear of needles or pain
  • Difficulty getting numb with local anaesthetic 
  • Sensitivity to touch, smells, sights and sounds
  • Difficulty opening mouth (ie. TMJ issues)
  • Highly sensitive teeth

Form Downloads

New Conscious Sedation Patient Form
Pre-Sedation Instructions
Post-Sedation Instructions

Dental Sedation for Patients in Burnaby, BC

  • We know that some patients feel anxious about upcoming oral surgery procedures and offer compassionate, safe sedation options to help ease the stress.
    - Dr. Amir Ajar


Oral Sedation 

Your dentist can prescribe oral sedatives that come in the form of liquid medications or pills you'll take orally. 

An initial dose is typically taken about an hour before your dental appointment. In some cases, you may also take a dose the night before your procedure to ease anxiety-related insomnia. 

If you take oral sedation, you will typically remain awake and responsive during your appointment.

IV Sedation

Intravenous (IV) sedation refers to the administering of an anti-anxiety drug through the blood during your dental treatment.

Although IV sedation dentistry is sometimes referred to as 'twilight' or 'sleep' dentistry, it doesn't actually put you to sleep. Rather, the sedative helps you to relax and feel at peace.

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