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Invisalign for Teens

Teens in the Burnaby area can enjoy the benefits of Invisalign Teen and straighten their developing smiles. 

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Invisalign for Teens at North Burnaby Dental Group in Burnaby

A Clear Choice for Teens

Busy teenagers have a lot on the go. Invisalign's features can help make the orthodontic treatment process convenient and flexible – straightening their teeth even with active lives. 

Invisalign Teen offers unique benefits for Burnaby teenagers.

Compliance Indicators

The blue dots on the clear aligners will fade away after the aligners have been worn for two full weeks, which helps teens stay on track with Invisalign treatment. 

Stageable Eruption Tabs

Those with molars that haven't yet emerged need not worry. With stageable eruption tabs, the second molars can have space to grow in. These tabs help keep molars in place. 

Replacement Aligners

Invisalign for Teens features six sets of replacement clear aligners - great if some of the aligners become mistakenly damaged, lost, or broken, meaning minimal delays between treatments. 

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