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Children's Dental Services

Kids in Burnaby need comprehensive dental care to help their teeth and mouths stay healthy as they grow. From when baby's first tooth appears, we are here to help. 

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Children's Dental Services at North Burnaby Dental Group in Burnaby

When should my child visit the dentist?

Between the ages of 21 months and 3 years, 10 upper and 10 lower primary teeth will erupt in your child's mouth. We recommend they see the dentist for their first time when their teeth start to appear. 

The earlier your child begins to visit the dentist, the easier they will be able to understand and become used to the routine. 

During their early initial visit, we can diagnose, monitor and treat any emerging issues. 

Then, just like adults, kids should come in for a professional dental exam and cleaning every 6 months.

Each patient is unique, so some children may need to see the dentist more frequently than others if they have oral health issues that need to be monitored closely. 

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Dental Services for Children

With professional cleanings and exams, children can get used to taking care of their smiles and maintaining their oral health as they grow. That's why early appointments are important. 

At North Burnaby Dental Group, we provide these services to help support your child's dental health: 

  • Regular cleanings and examinations
  • Advice for children's dental hygiene routines
  • Protective sealants
  • Fluoride treatments

These elements work together to create a foundation for good dental health, starting in childhood and continuing into adulthood. 

Oral Hygiene & Prevention

Tooth decay can become an issue from the moment your child's teeth start to erupt through the gums. For younger patients, we start by focusing on preventing decay and cavities. 

Brushing & Flossing

Similar to adult teeth, baby teeth need to be brushed twice each day. Start by brushing your infant's baby teeth as soon as they begin to emerge. 

You should also floss your child's baby teeth once per day as soon as they have two teeth side by side. 

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Pediatric Dentists for Burnaby Children

If your child requires advanced dental care, we refer patients to the children's dental specialists at Smile Town Dentistry Burnaby for specialized treatment options and preventive care.

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