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Cosmetic Bonding

Have cosmetic or functional dental problems you want to correct? Dental bonding can repair gaps between teeth, stubborn stains, or chipped teeth. 

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For a Natural Looking Smile

Cosmetic bonding requires little or no use of anesthetic or drilling, so the procedure can be completed on several teeth during a single session. This can be a convenient and inexpensive option to reimagine the appearance of your smile.  

The Procedure

Depending on how much work you are having done, your cosmetic bonding appointment will often take between one and two hours. During this appointment, a natural-looking composite resin will be applied to the tooth to cover small gaps or cracks. The resin is then hardened before your dentist smooths and polishes it to a natural looking shine. 


You won't need to do anything extra to maintain the appearance of your new dental bonds. Simply treat them as you would your natural teeth by brushing twice daily and flossing once per day. 

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Cosmetic Bonding

  • After your cosmetic bonding session, you will probably require a brief adjustment period to get used to the new size, shape, and appearance of your teeth. But don't worry, your teeth will soon feel normal again.
    - Dr. Laura Schmidt

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